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I’m Paddy, a Dublin based sherry educator certified by the Consejo Regulador de las DOs “Jerez-Xerès-Sherry” y “Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda”. I regularly write about sherry on and have contributed articles for several print and online media outlets. I also work with a variety of clients to host consumer tastings, trade masterclasses and staff training.

Sherry is in the midst of an exciting revolution having shed its negative image from the 1970s. It is finally getting widespread recognition as one of the finest and best value wines in the world, its versatility in food pairing is capturing the imagination of sommeliers, and its resurgence as a cocktail ingredient is fueling the alchemy of mixologists across the globe.
Contact me at for further information and bookings.

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Sherry Tastings and Masterclasses

Staff Training


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